DIY Headboard with books

Book Headboard

headboard of books
Why we think it’s great: Bookworms rejoice! Here’s another way to bring your fave books to bed with you.

What you need: Tape measure; carpenter’s level; 1/4” thick plywood sheathing (measure to desired dimensions prior to purchase); pencil; power saw; old, assortment of books with cool, colorful bindings; X-acto knife; hot glue gun; glue sticks; mounting brackets; screws; and drill.

How to make it: Measure and mark the desired size of the headboard onto the plywood, and cut. Remove the pages from the book with the X-acto knife. Open the book bindings and attach them facedown to the plywood with hot glue. Repeat until covered. Arrange in any fashion you like. Let dry. Lastly, mount to the wall behind the bedframe with the brackets.

For more detailed information, visit diy headboard with books


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